The burning drive had no issues with the disc, as has been the case throughout so far. Then, as soon as you begin using it, it gets shattered. Peak BIS errors exceed 9, so it cannot be considered a high quality burn. Needed a BD burner for my laptop, this is it, works great with Ubuntu and Windows 7 and This entry was posted in Computing and tagged bluray , optical disc , review , storage , testing. Firmwares are also rare and far between.

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Lets see what the Panasonic makes of it.

The burning drive had no issues with the disc, as has been the case throughout so far. There were no read errors with the Pioneer drive, although many difficulties. Alas, the Lite-On thought no better — in fact, this disc was worse. But how well does it write?

Another issue is that it comes with no software. This item is mahshita, I really recommend it a lot It detected and offered to burn at 6x, and it came out with only a tiny glitch when read out by itself.

SATA slim 6x BD-R Matshita UJ-240 bluray writer

I only have a limited selection of media around me right now, unfortunately. If you like to travel, this mashita probably not the drive for you.


Does not work very well The readback with the burner had a tiny blip, but nothing too major. Click for more about me!

Before asking for an RMA I posted to a forum with my problems and a respondent suggested opening the drive tray physically paper clip in the eject hole. Maybe 2x is a better choice but I am not going to spend another disc to find out.

The tray refused to open. This is more like a panasonic knock off.

None of the matshiha readers encountered any problems, however, as can be expected. If anyone finds that this is not working, try to change your Blu Ray playing software.

Not the real deal! The drive spins up and then is recognized and ejects by button or electronic command. The cross-check readers show minor undulations, but nothing severe. This entry was posted in Computing and tagged blurayoptical discreviewstoragetesting. So if you want to record, you have to buy additional software like Nero.

Any way I am happy about the burner because of its light weight and compact size. This works exactly like its supposed to. But I suppose you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette … just that this guy breaks more than the average number: A cross-check was also made with my most recent acquisition, a Pioneer BDRDBK more on this in another postwhich also had difficulties.


Skip to main content. Surprisingly, the Panasonic seems to like this media and burns it better at 6x than the Lite-On could ever manage. Cross-checking with my old and reliable LG GGW-H20L revealed that the drive mis-identifies the disc as a video disc and applies a rip-lock to it, but the drive had only minor hiccups when reading back at a leisurely 2x.

Review: Panasonic/Matsushita UJ 6x Slim SATA Blu-ray Writer | Gough’s Tech Zone

Or better, a Pioneer if you can find one. It would be good for the shipper to place a short note that the drive needs to be physically opened and a disc inserted for first use. Why not throw another Matshta at the drive and see how it does?

Blu-ray Write Quality Assessment I only have a limited selection of media around me right now, unfortunately. However it takes a long time to burn may be a problem of my compute r or the software it took over 14 hours to burn a 2 hour program.